Question USB NVMe adapter usage if the plastic retention clip gives out


May 19, 2011
I've mentioned which enclosure I've bought before, here:

My use for this enclosure is very likely to only be temporary. As the clip already has problems holding on to the drive, and also recently I had to use a drive in the enclosure that was shorter than any I've seen before (about 2cm in length), I ended up putting an anti-static bag on top of the M2 card followed with a stock CPU heatsink to weigh it down enough for the M2 drive to be oriented correctly, which worked fine.

Any thoughts on this? The usage scenario I anticipate is a quick one-off backup of the M2 drive (typically only user data). I'm wondering whether considering that M2 drives like to heat up that I should just plonk the heatsink on the top without the anti-static bag so it dissipates heat a little better, or is that risking contact/conductivity with components on the M2 drive?