usb drivers have disapeared


Sep 14, 2001
my friend installed a usb hub and some kind of software to run it. He is using win98 second edition. Ever since he has had trouble with his usb printer. So I gave him my usb hub and his computer would not recognize it. I uninstalled his belkin software for his old hub and now none of the computers usb ports will work. The computer is trying to install them as new hardware. Where do I get the drivers? Belkins website ( which is the type of hub I am giving him) says they are on the windows cd but I cant find them. Any ideas where I could locate these?


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Mar 4, 2000
The USB hub driver used by Win98SE is usbhub.sys. It is placed in Windows\System32\drivers by Win98SE when it finds the hub as new equipment. It is in the 98SE CD is BASE5.CAB, but Windows will find it in the \Win98 folder automatically.

If the hub does not show up in Device Manager, then try hot-plugging it. And, it is a good idea to make sure the usb port that it is connected to is "alive."

If the hub shows up in Device Manager, and still does not work . . . remove it in D/M. Then disconnect it and reboot the system. After it is stable, then hot plug the hub (making sure that it's own power plug is connected. Windows should pick it up and install it. Have the CD handy.