Question USB-C Hubs?


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Apr 28, 2021
I recently got a new laptop with only 2 USB-A and one USB-C ports. I have 3 external screens - HDMIx2 and VGA. I have a borrowed Dell D6000 that can do 1 hdmi and 1 display port which is fine for my old laptop which has a second hdmi port. However, all the hubs I try off Amazon, even if they say they can do 3 screens, fail to do so, and many refuse to display one of my screens - VIZIO VM230XVT. I am using hdmi for it and it works fine with the Dell. I was given the idea to daisy chain two hubs and although neither can send a signal to the VIZIO individually or together, the VIZIO does work with the Dell, AND can display if the Dell hub is plugged into either of the amazon hubs.

Can anyone post links on how USB-C hubs work, or help me get my set-up working on my own hardware? I would greatly prefer if I could get the 3 screens working through 1 USB even if two hubs, under $60 total or at least under $100.

Ports on laptop:
2 x USB-A (version 3.1 Gen 2)
1 x USB-C® (version 3.1 Gen 2 with USB Power Delivery revision 3.0)

To reiterate - the laptop can definitely run the issue screen (through the borrowed Dell hub) AND run all three screens if the Dell is put through another hub. I want to know what is going on, and I want to buy a solution for cheap while Dell hubs run a few hundred dollars ($200-500).


Jun 26, 2010
Usually, the USB-C connection has a signal that connects directly to the laptop's graphics card directly. That is a first limitation. Then you have the bandwidth limitation of the USB 3.2 gen2 that share video, network, and USB ports. Some docks use Display link, which is a software "hack" to have video through USB (USB2 or 3), but introduces a fair amount of input lag and is even more bandwidth restrained.

At work, we got Surface Pro 6 for the technicians. Because they use the wonderful Intel graphics, they are limited to two exterior screen connexions. However, the Display Port 1.2 standard has a useful feature that allows you to split its signal in two or more using a MST hub. With that, we're able to output to three screens. Just add a DP to VGA adapter and you should be set.

This is the Canadian site, so maybe look around in your country for one.