USB 3.0 hubs/devices showing as 2.0/2.1? Slow USB network. (Solved, I think. Was using USB2.0 rear ports on board.)


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Aug 25, 2001
I seem to be having the same issue as in this thread. Unsure as to the exact cause. Seems some drivers may have gotten installed, or deleted off of my system, and now all of my Hubs (all USB3.0) are showing up as "USB 2.0 Hub".

Anyone else having this problem? Know of a fix? I hope that my USB 3.0 root ports on the back of my board aren't screwed up.

Asus B450-F ROG STRIX Gaming ATX mobo, Ryzen R5 3600 CPU, 4x8GB DDR4-3600 RGB GSkill RAM, 2x 1TB Intel 660p M.2 NVMe SSDs, RX 5700 and MSI GTX 1660ti 'Gaming X'. Have two USB 3.0 extension cables, that have never previously given me any issues, plugged into two of the rear USB 3.0 ports, and then there are hubs (different models) plugged into each of those.

I'm pretty convinced (like, 80-90%, that this is just a software problem).

I've installed the AMD chipset drivers, which should contain AMD USB 3.0 chipset drivers, and I've installed the RealTek USB device-drivers for my Comfast USB 2.0 AC+BT wifi, and my Asustor 2.5GbE USB-C adapter, both of which contain a multi-device with a driver software partition/device. Have since installed newest RealTek USB NIC drivers from Asustor's site, 6-2019 is the latest version on there.

At one point, I did the "DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES=1" and removed the "Ghost" USB devices, possibly including SuperSpeed Hubs. Maybe that was a mistake, as deleting the "Generic USB hub" (USB 2.0 hub), in Device Manager, and re-scanning, doesn't seem to make the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hubs come back.

Because of this issue, my USB 3.x Asustor 2.5GbE adapter, is only showing 30MB/sec (USB 2.0 rough max bandwidth) transferring to my NAS.


Edit: I realized, the "top" two ports (next to the PS/2 port) on this board, aren't USB3.0, they're USB2.0. Hence a large cause of my problems.
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