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Apr 25, 2004
So I have no idea when UPS started doing it, but it now appears to cost money to redirect a UPS package from your house to a UPS location (like a UPS Store or fulfillment center). Previously, this always used to be free, but now they want to charge $5.99 each time, or convince you to sign up for "My Choice Premium" which appears to be $20 / year.

If anything, keeping packages at a single delivery location or even at the sorting hub should be cheaper - why force me to spend more to make their life easier? Shit if it's a capacity issue, why do they even care - the UPS stores are independently owned, why not just dump a shit ton of packages and make them deal with it?

So frustrating, especially since all the UPS literature still says that redirects should be free - however I'm not about to try to call and get in a pissing match about it. I can email them but god knows I'll never get a response in time (package is supposed to arrive tomorrow).