Upgrading & Repairing PC's 14th Edition, hardcover $35.95 @ MicroCenter B&M


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Feb 18, 2001
I picked up a copy of this at MicroCenter today. They had a shelf sign up in the book area. List is $59.99, their regular price is $50.99, now $35.95. Could be YMMV. Amazon is selling it for $41.99. So it beats Amazon by $6, only one's I've found for less are used. This is a nice book to get if you do your own systems or just want to know how.


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Oct 9, 1999
They used to have this at Sam's Club for really cheap, but that was a few years ago. May be worth checking if you can buy from both.


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Oct 9, 1999
Just came back from Microbrewcenter, where I was judiciously disbursing bits and pieces of my looooooooong dormant $1,931.00 gift card, a happy relic from my mad skillz fearless ferengi days (don't ask).

In the entrance alcove, they had a number of useful paperbacks on deep discount. I got:

Java In a Nutshell by David Flanagan (sku 648345) for $6.99

XML, The Complete Reference by Heather , 950 pages worth (sku 298828) for $5.99

Flash 5, Virtual Classroom by Doug Sahlin w/cd (sku059295) for $4.99

Dynamic HTML, The Definitive Reference (1,060+ pages) by Danny Goodwin (him, I've heard of) (sku 924340) for $4.99

They had others covering CGI, Chicken Humping (just making sure you're paying attention here) et. al. at similar deep discounts.

This was the St. David's Pa. store. The stores are not linked with their web site. My advice? Call.

Edit Oh! They had the paperback version of what might have been Upgrading and Repairing PC's, 14th edition (it was huge and similar in topic) for a commensurate price with the others. Are such books really of much use to you and I?