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Upgrading GPU and looking for some advice


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May 21, 2012
System Specifications:

Processor/CPU: i5 2500K

II. Current Graphics Card: Geforce 9500GT

III. Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080

IV. Power Supply Unit Specification (Brand, Wattage, Ampage, Age). If possible, please provide a link to a website containing the power supply specifications: Corsair HX750W 80 Plus Silver

V. Case Specifications(N/A, Model, Length, Low Profile, Cooling, HTPC, Water, Silent): Corsair 600T White Edition

Purchase Details:

Budget? Please be sure to include currency (If not USD), retailer preferences & specify whether rebates are a viable option.

$300 - $400

Any particular preferences (Manufacturer[nV or AMD], Brand[XFX, Sapphire, EVGA, etc], Cooling Solutions)?

No preference.

III. Do you plan to have any Multi-GPU solutions such as Crossfire or SLI?

Maybe in a few years.

IV. Have you previously looked at a product(s) which you feel would fit your needs?

I have looked at a ton of products including:

Geforce 560ti
Geforce 570
Geforce 580
Geforce 670 (especially the Gigabyte Windforce, although that seems to be in short supply and I never get notified when they're restocked)
AMD 7850
AMD 7950
AMD 7970

V. What are your needs for this GPU? Which games(If any)do you intend to play? If you have this information at hand, what are the desired detail levels?

Tribes: Ascend

I would like to be able to play all of these games at Ultra. In WoW I 25man raid, which can be pretty taxing. I have been forced to run every game at its lowest settings for maximum performance. I'm tired of doing this and really want to see what the games are like at Ultra.

VI. Do you plan on overclocking the card you intend to purchase?

I have never overclocked before. Am I against overclocking? No but since I am inexperienced, it may be best to stay away from it.

Additional Notes

I upgraded my CPU/Motherboard/Case/RAM/Power Supply a few months ago and put off upgrading the GPU until the Geforce 600 series and AMD 7000 series came out.

I'm looking for a card that will allow be to play the above games at Ultra at decent fps. Anything above that would probably be a bit of a waste unless it was to help futureproof the computer for upcoming expansions/games.

I've really been considering the 7970 (even though its a bit out of budget), especially since it seems to be hard to find 670s/680s. However since I have no overlocking experience, it makes me think I should stay away from the 7000 series cards.

I'm planning to buy at the end of May (28th - 30th). I read that the ASUS 670 should be out at the start of June and was thinking that might be a good option (if a 670 isn't overkill for what I'm looking for).


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Sep 28, 2001
Right now the only 2 GPU's worth there cost are the 7850 and 670 (hopefully we see a 660 soon)

7850's pretty much will get you 580 Overclocked performance or higher (some reach 7950 levels) when O/C'd for $250.00. (with 1/2 the power usage of 580 oc'd)
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