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Question Upgrading an HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p000na Desktop PC

knows nothing

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Sep 20, 2020
Please be kind as I know very little still about PC's but here are the starting specs of my PC.
  • Touchscreen 23.8", QUAD HD 2560x1440
  • Processor Intel Core i5-6400T, 2.20GHz, Quad Core
  • Storage 1TB HDD
  • Graphics AMD Radeon R7 A365 with 4GB dedicated memory
  • Memory RAM 8GB
  • Bang & Olufsen audio
  • The newest WiFi 802.11ac + Gigabit Ethernet
I have changed the 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD and have also changes the RAM from 8GB to 16BG. My cinebench score after this was 872 if that helps.
I made the mistake of getting an all in one PC at the start of university and now I am on my final year and have to work from home. I have to run Solidworks and NX but its not a full version its a student version which means there's no simulating involved.
What can I do to my PC to make it handle the design software a bit better. It only has to be able to create the design not simulate it.

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 19, 2008

You're limited by that platform and you already put in an SSD and more RAM. So that's about it. For the cost to attempt to replace the CPU, you would be better off building a PC at that point (that CPU is long in the tooth).

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