Updating IT resume suggestions for "power" words and dot com buzzwords


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Nov 5, 1999
**Disclaimer** The following post is just mere opinion. As we all know opinion is NOT fact. The following is possibly just constructive suggestion.

Now after speaking with a friend of mine who believes that most HR departments select resumes that contain certain "buzz/power" words, I've decided to update the resume and see what happens.

It certainly does blow you have to play this "marketing" game if you want catch the attention of some HR departments, but hey if it can open another avenue towards getting a job I say why not?

Some may think this kind of embellishment is wrong or lying, but if you need a job why limit yourself to normal sounding resume? Don't HR deptments like resumes that stand out from the rest?

Ultimately the resume will possibly get you an interview, but its up to you to ace that interview and actually have some skills to succeed at the job if you're hired.

Part One- Power Words
Just a quick list of "power" words from google after doing a search using "resume power words"


Now that listing isnt comprehensive and its the first thing that showed up in google. I'm sure everyone can come up with something to add.

For example, they didnt have "spearhead" in that listing.

Part Two- Rephrasing

For anyone that has trouble rephrasing something on their resume why not add a reply and see if anyone else on atot has a better suggestion? Instead of garbage man how about waste disposal engineer?

Like on my resume I have the following:

"Assisted in the maintenance and upgrade of Win2K computers for staff."

which could be rephrased as...

"Implemented Windows 2000 maintenance and upgrade initiative for enterprise associates"

Maybe someone has better suggestion or that sucks? Heh

Part Three- Dot Com Word replacement

Since this technically a computer oriented crowd with a lot of posters in the IT field. Maybe some atoters know of specific dot com buzzwords that were used instead of more commonly known words that basically mean the same thing?

For example, instead of company or corporation the word enterprise was used instead?

So lets get some suggestions going or let this thread die a horrible death? :evil:


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Sep 29, 2000
yes, HR are not developers and you have to get past them first. Put some junk in, but not so much that the developer they pass it along to vomits ;)


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Jul 5, 2001
Business-speak is pretty ridiculous. Parodying it might get a laugh though. Ultimately, its your qualifications and the interview that get you hired, just make your resume as concise and impressive as possible.


Oct 10, 1999
That might be a worthwhile idea actually, but I'm of the opinion that if your resume ever gets reviewed by an HR department you're already on a bad start.