Question Unusual laptop display LCD panel connection and pcb/motherboards- referring to Shenhen Jumper Technology Ezbook laptop / notebook


Jun 20, 2023
Hi all,

I don't really know where to start. except to elaborate on the above subject title and see if their is ANYBODY out there who could help me. Someone who is familiar with "uncommon" Chinese laptops/notebooks, namely the Shezhen Jumper Technology Ezbook range.

NOTE: this is quite a long message but needing to explain in as much detail as possible... the important part (a spanner in the works) is right near the end of this post, and after reaching out to the manufacturer on several occasions, they have failed to reply, therefore NO schematic or Service Manual is available....

My Issue
I currently have a broken (cracked) screen that I am trying to replace / upgrade, but it is an extremely strange setup, and none of it makes sense.

The whole setup is rather odd, and definitely some corners have been cut, to keep cost down to a minimum.

This is a very brief explanation of how it is setup:
LCD Panel to a long narrow green PCB, to another mini Black PCB, which then connects into the LCD connector on main motherboard.

Greater explanation of the setup as follows:
Coming out of the LCD panel are 2 x flat ribbon cables (orangey brown in colour) that are spaced apart, and from what I can work out heat pressed and conformal coated by the manufacturers to the long narrow PCB.

Part numbers identified on this PCB are as follows:

S822 6063-02
2-9 94V-0
E222034 1631
*** also an IC with 90BL201 634498 is mounted

Coming out of the long narrow PCB are 2 connectors. 1 of the connectors is a 30 pin connector, and the 2nd one is a 10 pin connector.
Both the cables from these connectors lead into 2 separate connectors mounted on the mini Black PCB.

The second mini PCB (black in colour) affixed to the back of the LCD Panel which contains scattered silkscreen text:
ROHS 2140
QL-M E328832

After going through a large IC (mounted on the mini Black PCB) this leads to another 30 pin connector (well 28 pin to be more precise).

The cable from this 28 pin connector then leads down to another 28 connector, which is mounted to the main motherboard.

Now to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak:
This cable (although being connected to 28 pin connectors) in-fact only has a total of 21 twisted cables.

Has anyone seen this before, and if so what is it.. how do I work this part out?