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United States Budget Dilemma, are we going to be like Greece?

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Aug 13, 2009
Most statistical evidence I've seen seems to show better healthcare for more people in the countries that are spending less than us as a % of gdp.

As Americans, we like to think we have the best solutions, capitalism, free markets, freedom of choice, competition. And for the most part maybe those are the best principles.

But we do don't really even have those things in healthcare. What we have are big monopolies and an almost complete disconnect between the consumer/patient, and choices about what amount of healthcare to consume and who to purchase it from.

So we don't really have a proper capitalist system, and we are afraid to consider government-run healthcare becasue we are told government is bad.

So we're kind of stuck.
Wait you believe that the reason why health care cost so much is due to the "Free Market"? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL The health industry is one of the most subsidized and regulated industries in this nation and the costs reflect it. Also in those other nations they deal with the costs of health care via other means such as rationing of services in that people wait longer to receive "Free" health care or they reduce the quality of health care provided, etc.


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Nov 11, 1999
You pointed out no fallacies; you linked to a politician's statement. By that standard we've already solved the deficit AND the debt a hundredfold. Gettum clue; politicians' statements are political cover and have no real world relevancy. Look at Clinton's budgets prior to the Pubbies taking over; deficits continued to rise after the first dip (retroactive tax increase works pretty well - ONCE) and then, long after Clinton would be out of office, a miracle was presumed to occur due to his tax increases and the budget would miraculously balance. That's a tactic used by EVERY President, let me do what I want for eight years and I promise that after I'm out out of office things will be fixed. It is so much fart noise, no matter the party.
You claimed that Clinton didn't try to reduce deficits prior to 1994, and I pointed out his stated intentions to do so in his first speech as President. Not to mention that the proof is in the numbers-


Just because a politician says something doesn't mean it's not true. Even GWB told the truth once in awhile, but certainly not when cutting taxes.