Uninstalling a Snap package broke my Linux installation!


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Jan 10, 2011
Today I installed the DOSBOX-Staging snap package into my POP!_OS 22.04 installation. Later after I uninstalled the DOSBOX-Staging snap package, my OS installation broke. By broke I mean some of my home/user directory's subdirectories no longer are there but they are on the Desktop instead and they turned into files with X's on them and when I click on them it says that it could not open the file because the symlink is broken. My Desktop, Public, and Templates, and Video subdirectories are the ones that broke. The ones that I created a symlink pointing to my Data partition are still fine. Is there a way to restore the home/user directory to full functionality? I wonder if uninstalling this snap package broke anything else in my OS installation that is not apparent right now. The command I used to remove this snap package was: sudo snap remove dosbox-staging