Unconstant/bad iNet Performances in a Game with Fiber Optic


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Sep 19, 2013

I explain my problem :

I have a optical fiber connection 200Mbits/s, windows 7, a good PC (cpu 3570k, gpu HD6850)

In a video game named Battlefield 2142 I shoot my opponant and most of the time the receiption of my hits does not work. It is bad (only one part of information are reveiced by the server or nothing) The game released in 2006 (old game). I bought my new pc in 2012 and had my new connection this year.

Sometimes I shoot a player it hits perfectly but it is rare. I tried all what it is possible to do. it is unconstant everytime. Depending : time, position of player, mouvements of player... It is harldy playable since the registatrion is everytime changing from medium to bad. (sometimes good but with certain conditions I will explain you below)

I installed wireshark monitoring, it has shown me 30 packets in transmission (UDP) were sent every second. But is does not tell me if there is a problem (all seems good) just there is a lot of TCP retransmission with the game (but there is too few TCP packets used for the game is based in UDP (like many games)). While receiving 20 packets/second (udp too) from the server.

But the unreal thing is that sometimes tweaking windows I have a perfect good hit registration during some minutes (30 minutes maximum at every try) and after without changing anything, nothing can give me it back it disappeared for ever with these settings.

I can try to replay later (with the same settings before that gave me reg) it does not work anymore. Later I try new settings and magic it works back for some minutes perfectly. (about 30 minutes maximum too xD) and it goes far away for ever...

I've done this 4 times! (with new settings everytime!) I got a perfect hit registration limited in time at every changes.

It is not logic and more! the params I tweaked are not harmonious or consistent together in theory!

Exemple with my NIC (network interface card) I set OFF RSS (receive side scaling (4 cores compatible in) but if I set netsh tcp ... rss = disable I can get more problems in game and if I let it enable in windows (with it disable in my NIC!!) I can have a good registration of my packet in game! (with other settings for only maximum about 30min again Oo?)

Not logic! sometimes I write TcpNoDelay TcpAckFrequency TcpDelAckTicks with timestamp (from netsh timestamp=enable) and I have a good registration! and after nothing! (knowing that the game use UDP to send your shoots and not TCP! yes logic?)

Everytime when I tweak params it is from TCP it makes a difference in the tranmissions of my packets (but the game is really UDP base (wireshark shows me that) and when I change tcp settings however it changes REALLY importantly the way my shoots are registered.

I never have more than some minutes good but very good when I start new tweaks from values :

nagle OFF (tcpackfrequency, tcpnodelay, tcpdelackticks)
autotuninglevel (the window) (disable most of the time gives good results (normal = bad registration for sure with all settings possible)
rss (sometimes on sometimes off)
DCA (sometimes off good results and after nothing xD I have to get it back to ON)
udp/tcp offloads (sometimes good with On and after not...)
same for FLOW CONTROL (a period good with OFF and now better with ON)

In my NIC I had a period with good reg with transmit memory and receive memory at 32, but since I have fiber connection I have to write 1024 otherwise I can uninstall the game. (nothing hits).

Sometimes I have to put (with other settings) udp/tcp checksum offload to DISABLE! and sometimes I have to get it back ENABLE to have a better registration.

More, I have to disable the windows firewall, (even if I give to the game all the power (all ports opened...) if not I have for sure a bad registration. (in my box all the good ports are opened for the game...)

It is varying everytime I cannot understand and default settings for game, windows 7 and NIC give me the worse hit registration ever! (I tried it more than 8 times...) Nothing other is using my connection. I am not pirated. (I monitor all and check).

The game is udp based and not peer-to-peer, it is a server game. That I cannot understand also, is that some players with 200ms of ping can hit and kill me in 1/100 of second while me shooting before them at close range It does not register or badly and I die, I have 10ms of ping 10ms of ping VS 200ms of ping it is the 200 of ping killing me at the speed of light shooting after... yes logic? We are playing thru a server, It feels like if it was peer-to-peer base (but it is really not).

In normal time the game is designed to grant (count) a kill with only 8 bullets (if you shoot the body) (it corresponds with 2 shoots in game) or 4 bullets (even if the player is moving) if it is the head never more in normal conditions (1 shoot only) . But me I need more than 15 bullets most of the time to have a kill and that it is when I am lucky. (> 4 shoots).

I shoot the bullets get thru my opponant and are not registered or just a part (it substracts them few health point) and I die because in face the player oneshot kill me... he has no latencies no loss...

My pc is maintained I have no suspect activity... I have NOD32 antivirus... I am playing good (if you have doubt when I have hit registration I am a really good player : http://www.youtube.com/user/HansKhlaris not a problem of skill, in the video it is when I have a good registration (something I have not often) so I record when I have ^^)

There are players not moving AFK sometimes even with them It does not hit good when I have my problem. I need 20 bullets or more (instead of 8)... proving it is not a problem of rendering (interpolation time, lag compensation...) it is when I send my packets, there is a bad thing but how to know the nature of the problem linked to?

Even tried ToS (240 decimal) and QoS (46 decimal) nothing good.

It is not logical, I have a 3570k cpu and a modern NIC Qualcomm Atheros AR8161/8165 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet

1Gbits/s possible (I have 200) ethernet 5e category my ISP is the best of the country (I cannot have packet loss due to I am under optical fiber).

Wait please, you will laugh I did not tell you I have a friend playing the game age years ago like me he told me he was :

under a 7 years old PC
he has a connection 1.5Mbits/s!!!!!!(while I have 200)
He is far away from is internet distributor (he has 80dB of attenuation!!)
We have the same iNet Provider. He is living in the countryside. While me near Paris! (in France)

And He has a perfect constant hit registration, he has never reg fail! Never and before he have had 1.5Mbps He had 512 with the same good perfect reg, (his ping is often near 100ms... and with a jitter > 10ms) He has no latencies, he shoots he kills.

Logic? No, He has all what it is worse to have to give a constant good performance, and me I have all good and I have an unplayable game...

and what I am telling you is for all the game servers (not just one...) I have not more than 10 hops routers however where my packets travel the net (traceroute done)a constant ping (null jitter). How could is it possible. I know I am not the only one suffering of these issues but most of players do not have these problems they have their game feeling constantly good.

It is a old game we are in 2013 not possible I have these problems during players with bad theorically connections have no problem.

Please help me to understand how it is possible. While we are all connecting to a server and not in peer-to-peer. Why 200ms of ping is better than 10? ... Why only 30 packets/sec in UDP can get lost arriving to the server (if it is was it is goind? how to know)

Hidden latencies? not shown with ping (constant good one written in game)
The game gives priority to bad connection how to know? (never been documented)
30 Packets in transmission too many for routers working on (thru internet to send it to the final game server) is is creating a congestion?
Why tcp settings have in important impact in a game based in UDP?
Why can I have a good perfect hit registration only during minutes or round and nothing more after without changing anything with the same sets?
Why sometimes it works with rss=on in windows and not in the same time with NIC? not logical (If I disable it in NIC I have to do it in win7 too with netsh)?
Why tcp timestamp and autotuning have a large effect in registration?
TCP changes make UDP performance changing?

I tried with another connection in my home and with another PC (good machine too) I got the same problems (first connection was copper based) and the tweaks had the same particularities.

Thanks in advance. Hope experts can know why it is possible.

Edit : Today I tried to tweak tcpAckFrequency to 200 (decimal) and it gave me a good registration again during a time, after nothing more xD - I also deleted tcpDelAckTicks and it gave the good effect too during 15 min... Note there are not good values but it shows again that anything and everything unlinked to UDP has an effect. Now it is like before I have too many problems and no solve.
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