Discussion Ubiquiti network has been running for two years straight


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Jan 30, 2010
Setup: ERPoE5 + 3 PoE Unifi AC Pros

This is a three-story house with thick walls that also has rooms in the basement.

Prior to this setup, I used an Asus AC1900 with wireless range extenders. This was a terrible setup. The main router needed frequent restarts and the range extenders barely improved the signal. I even tried the top of the line $350 routers at the time. None of them were reliable.

I bit the bullet and went full Ubiquiti. The setup costs about $600 in total. $150 for the router, $130 for each AP plus taxes. Well worth the money.

Coming from consumer-grade routers, I just can't believe the reliability. I've been so accustomed to having to restart the router once a week or having the connection randomly drop. I didn't know it was even possible to have your networking equipment work continuously for two straight years.

Since I travel often and my whole family is technologically illiterate, I no longer have anxiety about having to troubleshoot the home network from 5,000 miles away.
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Jul 6, 2007
According to the datasheet, EdgeRouter PoE ERPoe‑5 can process over 1 million packets per second and has much better hardware specs than most home routers.

  1. Layer 3 Forwarding Performance Packet Size: 64 Bytes Packet Size: 512 Bytes or Larger 1,000,000 pps 3 Gbps (Line Rate) .
  2. Processor Dual-Core 500 MHz, MIPS64 with Hardware Acceleration for Packet Processing .
  3. System Memory 512 MB DDR2 RAM .
  4. On-Board Flash Storage 2 GB .
Money talks. :)

Some home routers' cheap power adapters probably can't even keep voltage & electric current steady.


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Jun 12, 2019
There are a lot of benefits to moving to enterprise and business-grade systems and this is the case in point.

When junky consumer bug-looking routers with hyped up marketing sells for up to $300 and brings nowhere near the performance and reliability of the better systems, you quickly see how they are overpriced consumer crap junk.

And nevermind the fact that enterprise equipment is usually in excellent condition even used because of the tremendous robustness of the equipment. Even 10 year old top of the line enterprise equipment can bury today's consumer routers and be so cheap it should be a sin.
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Nov 4, 2004
OP, do you use UNMS the admin the edgerouter? If so, which version.

Do you run the unifi controller full-time?