uATX Power supply to drive 5670/5770


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Feb 17, 2010
There's hinting at half-height Radeon 5670 or even 5770 cards coming out soon. I'm quite interested and the only potential issue is that my case, being uATX might not have the juice to power them (particularly the 5770).

The case is an Antec NSK1480 with the power supply pictured here:

System is a Q8200 @ 0.975v, 2x2GB Mushkin Silverline, 2 1.5TB drives (Caviar Green and 7200.11), and an older Sony BD-RE drive.

There's no 6-pin pci-e plug so I assume i'd need a molex adapter too.

I'm hoping that I can run more than a 5570 in it.


Feb 22, 2007
It should work. I come up with this on the +12V usage for that system.
Q8200+motherboard - 6A
HDD about 1A each - 2A
Sony drive -1A
5770 - 9A
Total 18A

those are high end estimates so probably will be less than that.
Make sure the 5770 is on its own 12v rail and the rest of the stuff on the other rail. Manufacturers are supposed to put the motherboard on one rail and drives on another but double check with Antec to make sure you are not putting the motherboard and video card on the same rail .