U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

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Jun 24, 2003
Originally posted by: Fern
the neocon looting plan sees tremendous progress

How do you think that the Neocons (I guess the USA) is going to benefit from this?

I don't readily see any benefit to USA from this. Jordan and Israel, yeah. But the USA?

While I can see security problems refining oil in Iraq (maybe not the northern part, but otherwise), I don't see where Israel is any safer. I didn't know they had a refinery there, kinda of surprised it hasn't already been hit by a rocket attack.

This reminds me how little I know about global refinery capacity. I understand ours are at full capacity, but don't know who else has (excess) capacity. (Iran doesn't from what I understand). Anybody here know?


Israel is much safer than Iraq at the moment. And those rocket attacks are extremely lacking in precision. DarkThinker needs to work on his aim.

And we don't have to clean Israel's hands of anything. Their hands are immaculate by design. They can do no wrong.

Orignal Earl

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Oct 27, 2005
Originally posted by: Genx87
Woot - the neocon looting plan sees tremendous progress

Define tremendous. 4 years and this is all the potential looting they can muster?
I am thinking our definitions are different.

Well, the looting was underway from the very start
Really good video, hope some of you take the time to watch the whole thing

Iraq's Missing Billions



Nov 3, 2000
Originally posted by: magomago
Originally posted by: Moonbeam
My personal feeling is that Israel destroyed Lebanon, not so much because of Hezbollah, but because they were close to becoming an economic competitor.

:thumbsup: Ding Ding! So as long as the region AROUND Israel remains sh|t - the only economically viable place to invest IS Israel in the Middle East. Dubai maybe taking that financial mantle, but Dubai is also ridiculously expensive and envisions itself more as a center for banking and tourism - which leaves out many other industries.

Why else do you think places like a CIVILIAN AIRPORT would be bombed?

Darkthinker- just ignore Nebor ~ he is a radical to the core and doesn't care about any people at all as seen here:

Originally posted by: Nebor
Do you really think I care? I would directly translate foreign peoples' lives into dollars if there was an exchange to do it.

That quote from Nebor is sickening. He is either a psychopath or an idiotic troll - probably a bit of both.