Two Apple ID from Two different countries. Usage advice please.

Discussion in 'All Things Apple' started by xtreemneo, Dec 5, 2012.

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    As the title goes, I have Apple ID A for country A and Apple ID B for another country B.
    I have address, bank account, debit/credit card, Apple ID in both countries. :cool:

    I have been using Apple ID A for a while now and recently created Apple ID B for use in the other country using its own bank account and address details. The real reason, we have got a brand new spanking iTunes Store of our own recently. :sneaky:

    Guess what, both regional and International Music is available in country B and price is a bit cheaper compared to Country A. So I have decided to purchase music in country B from now on. But the problem is, I should not access and purchase from country B store using Apple ID B while my physical location is in Country A and vice versa. I am completely okay with that and will follow religiously for sure.

    My question is, how do I sync music on the same device say iPhone 4? Or should I not have two Apple ID's at all? :\

    I am paying for Music and is DRM free anyway. I was wondering what our lovely forumites would suggest me on this.

    I have been using PC for a while now. Thinking of getting a MacBook soon. I was wondering if I would have same kind of device authorisation issues even with a MacBook? :confused:
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    If you have iTunes linked to the other account, you could manually manage the device and sync the music if the device is activated with the account. To my knowledge, devices can be activated on more than one account at a time.