TV-out problem with Asus Geforce FX


Junior Member
May 9, 2003

I am using an Asus GeforceFX 5200 video suite package with tv-in/out and all those goodies... It all works great but I have one minor issue with the TV-out feature...

The tv-out works perfectly fine except when I watch any type of video in Media Player, Divx, realplayer, etc... The video will play just fine on the monitor, but the area in which the video plays is just totally black on the TV. I went into properties and changed my TV to be the primary display, and now the video plays fine on the TV but is black on the monitor. I tried the new asus drivers, as well as the new Nvidia drivers, and I still get the problem. Im just wondering if anyone else with this card has had this problem and knows of a way to get video to play simultaneously on both screens. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!!