TSA checkpoints coming to a highway near you

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Oct 10, 2006
So we have two possibilities here:

1. The .gov thought it would be a good idea to bring in an additional .gov department complete with people on the ground, supervisors, coordination, etc... in order to hand out a flyer and "educate" truck drivers that if they "see something say something" instead of sending the people, who are already on the ground talking and dealing with the truckers everyday, a one hour DVD of how to say "if you see something say something"

2. This is a prelude to something much bigger in scope and size that the people already on the ground dealing with the truckers everyday can not handle.

The first is a colossal waste of money and resources, which all of us should be against for the simple fact that money and resources are rather tight right now, and you seem to be implying that it is not the second.
Meh, I'll give the TSA the benefit of the doubt given rampant government stupidity. Maybe some bureaucrat thinks giving leaflets out to truck drivers is actually going to help and it's just an honestly stupid waste of money. That and the TSA can't start inspecting regular traffic because they'd not only cause delays but would have lawsuits up the ass, given that it would literally affect everyone with a car and be unconstitutional besides. Of course, government just might be stupid enough to try it.