Question Trying to uninstall keyboard to help PC sleep


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Dec 13, 2004
I've always struggled to get my PC to sleep. I've often used the "powercfg -lastwake" to find out what's keeping him up. I often found it was Plex running, but I think I got that figured out. Recently, I got a new keyboard. Now, the lastwake is defined as:
Instance Path: PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_43B9&SUBSYS_11421B21&REV_02\4&288c77c7&0&000B
Friendly Name: AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft)
Description: USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller
Manufacturer: Generic USB xHCI Host Controller

Strangely, it used to be that when I pushed the power button, everything would go to sleep for a few seconds and then wake back up. Now, the monitor will go into power save mode, but the PC never does (lights and fans stay on).

I don't have much plugged into my USB ports. My keyboard, Bluetooth dongle for my mouse, XBox controller connector thing, and speakers. In Device Manager both keyboards are listed. I've tried to uninstall the old one, but a moment later it will be back installed. In the Events tab (right click Properties in Device Manager) it will list "Device Deleted" then a few seconds later "Device Configured" and "Device Started". I've unchecked "Allow to wake" for both keyboards, but it doesn't work.

Any ideas?