Question Trying to 'restore' taskbar options on Windows 11


May 19, 2011
I followed a good portion of the instructions here:

And while I'm happy to say that it is possible to disable taskbar grouping and enable taskbar labels on Win11, the procedure and outcome involves a lot of "do this, then that breaks, do this to fix that and then hide these non-functional bits, this will help fix another problem...". It would work well enough for me and anyone who's willing to workaround shortcomings introduced by the tweaks, but I honestly wouldn't recommend it for people who need their computer to 'just work'. I wish I didn't have to install the Classic Shell to some kind of Start menu back (also gone is the Win+X menu as a result of the tweaks, sadly), because while I like Classic Shell, I wish it were possible to keep the Win+X menu.

I also have my doubts about whether those tweaks will carry over past a feature update. I think if it was a case of a couple of registry edits without any breakages then I'd be less pessimistic.

One other odd thing I discovered about Win11 today is that the unlock taskbar feature has been dumped.