Trying to open a port through 2 firewalls


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Feb 11, 2005
Here's the deal-- Trying to run a server on my machine, which I just moved upstairs and installed a wireless card on. So basically it goes first through the wireless router, then through the dsl router. How would I open a port (say port 80) so that it routes all the way to my machine? I've tried several configs in both routers and needless to say I'm confused. Seems like you should be able to route the port from to, and from 2.1 route the port to my ip... am i wrong? Thanks for the help...


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Oct 25, 1999
I assume that your main Router is the DSL Router and that you connected the Wireless Router through its WAN port creating a second Network.

So you need to open port 80 in the DSL Router for the second Router and in the second Router open port 80 for the IP of the server.

You can not open the same port for two IPs on the same Network.

However you might avoid a lot of difficulties if you would use the second Router as an Access Point with a Switch and configure one cohesive Network.

Link to: Using a Wireless Cable/DSL Router as a Switch with an Access Point