Trying to OC q9450 on xfx 780i?


Jun 10, 2008
Just built this computer yesterday:

Intel q9450
xfx 780i ish9
OCZ reaper hpc 2x2gb
BFG 9800gtx

I am trying to oc my q9450 in the bios....i up the FSB with the memory linked then save and reboot. when it posts it gives me a messaage saying "the system is in safe mode. Reset cpu and memory(i dont know the exact message, but thats about the gist of it). Then it says to hit F1 to continue or DEL to go to BIOS. I hit DEL and went to BIOS and the fsb was still set to 450 @ 1.19 volts. Seems as though the voltage is a bit low but the CPU speed should still post as a higher speed. Is there some type of safety in the BIOS keeping me from doing this? Please help. Thanks!


Senior member
Nov 6, 2007
You don't o/c a cpu & lower the vcore at the same time, unless you know what you're doing. Leave voltages & everything else on auto, change FSB to 333 or 1333 (doesn't nvidia chipsets use quad-pumped fsb?) mhz. See what happens.