Trying to Install Windows 95

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Captain Kirk

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Feb 28, 2015
hello sandorski,
glad to see you!!!
thanks for stopping by my friend!;)

so capacitors are the things for the computer monitor? like TV tubes?
guess those would be small. in televisions, they used to be big.
not familiar with capacitors. what part of the computer are they for, specifically?
and what do they look like? tv tubes or microchip board warehouse shapes?

:)tcsenter, hi there,
glad you made it!

Quote by tcsenter
"Well I did something with it alright, I tossed it. hehe"
did you get a bullseye?
obviously this means you didn't fix it right?

Quote by tcsenter
"old Socket 754 board"
so this is like a pentium 1 or its equivolent, or an IBM goat running at 66MHz?

have you been able to SUCCESSFULLY install it on a newer computer? a fifth or sixth gen?

Quote by tcsenter
"Gotta limit RAM to not more than 768MB (maybe even 512MB), though."
by the way, what do you know about "adjusting" the install of w98?
i tried this, but was not successful.
if you did get it up and running, how exactly did you do it?
specifically: "what modifications did you implement?"

a 20-year-old mobo "and it had never been used": dude, that could have been $1,333 vintage dollars man. but i guess mint condition does not include 1300 toxic waste spills in the united states which have not been cleaned up. hope you didn't get any on you!! toxic waste can be harmful.

Quote by tcsenter
"known for going bad during the bad cap plague era, can't remember the brand., though."
so they were known to go bad and they were still manufacturing them? obviously they were counting on people to not do any research:mad:
obviously, as you can see, it pays to do research. or rather, much damage, and death, and destruction can be prevented by doing so.........

:Dhi VirtualLarry, hows everything?
glad to see you!

"All the main caps were bulging or leaking"
i didn't know the caps could do that. that sounds nasty.
i hope you didn't touch it. oooooo, sticky. i like sticky. yum.

what do you know about the "capacitor plague"? haven't heard of it!
so your saying that electrolytics are better than caps?

Quote by VirtualLarry
"So possibly, modern boards can last much, much, longer in storage. The only question is, how long? 20 year? 30 years? 40 years? Longer?"
they could last at least several hundred years, because then the glass would "melt" off of them from the force of gravity; or is that one thousand years.
in the tombs of the moneychangers in the church two thousand years ago, there are undamaged items still intact. stuff can tend to last a long time under the right condition.
but caps, oooo, yuck

hi kwalkingcraze,
glad to meet you.

yea, i think your right! it looks like his caps/computer were subject to the elements, albeit indoors in a shed, i.e.
Quote by kwalkingcraze
"stored poorly with too much humidity, sun, heat, cold, and etc."