Trying to find the name of an anime...


Apr 12, 2001
I'm trying to find the name of an anime i saw on adult swim about a year or so ago. i only saw part of one episode, so i'll try to describe it the best i can. the main characters were (i believe) a brother and sister around 10 years old, and they flew this weird type of flying plane thing. in the episode, they flew out in the morning with lots of other of these plane things, looking for a job. they were couriers, i believe. in another part of the episode, there were these two groups of giant airships at war with eachother - and when they fought, the sides of the airship opened up and there were lots of soldiers lined up to fire at eachother (think like in the civil war)

thats pretty much all i can remember, any help would be appreciated, if any of you can think of the name.