Trying to find a DOS Game


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Mar 10, 2007
Alright, a buddy of mine just e-mailed me some old DOS games that we used to play when we were younger. One of them, we have both been trying to find but neither one of us can remember the name of it.

All I can give is a description. You control fish and have four screens in a Square Pattern -

_ _

Excuse the horrible representation of the playing area. Anyways, the objective was just to keep your fish alive as long as possible by eating it's favorite food and avoiding other fish that could eat you.

Other than that, there was also a Leprechaun game that I never really played, but my friend did. I don't really know what the objective of the game was, but I remember him pushing four-leaf clovers around in sort of puzzle-like levels. All-the-while, avoiding a few random enemies in the level.

If someone could at least tell me the name of these two, it would be appreciated. If someone could tell me where I could get these games, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been on a nostalgia-gaming binge lately.