Trump was warned in Jan and Feb of the upcoming pandemic by a senior advisor. Now claims he wasn't notified


Feb 6, 2002
January and February we heard statements from Trump like

""It's only one person from China
"We have it under control"
"It's 15 cases and in a few days it will be down to 0"
"It will miraculously go away in April"

and the most damning for the sake of this thread

"Nobody could have foreseen coronavirus" March 19
"Nobody could have predicted the pandemic" March 30
"Nobody could have predicted a pandemic like coronavirus" April 1

January 29 and February 23 one of Trump senior advisors wrote memos outlining the dangers of the upcoming pandemic. The memo stated COVID-19 could cost millions of lives and cost trillions of dollars. By this time our intel agencies knew of the coming pandemic. Our health officials knew of the coming pandemic,

Yesterday when asked about the memos, Trump claimed he never got them and was trying to be a cheerleader for the country. CHEERLEADER? Aren't you supposed to be a LEADER? The fucking President of the United States, not some chick with pom-poms passively rooting for a win? Trump is one lazy prick. We knew that when he interviewed John Kasich for VP. Kasich said Trump wanted him to run everything so he could fly around the country making America great.

We have a deadly pandemic on our hands and we are stuck with this lying, lazy, incompetent asshole for a President.