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Trump laughs over suggestion to shoot migrants at latest rally


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Dec 25, 2008

Thie degenerate piece of shit pushes it further out. These rallies are where you see the most deeply radicalized fanatics of his rabid supporters. They're so far gone they are suggesting murdering people and it's a point of humour. Cue the usual 'it's just a joke' etc. etc. This is how it starts to devolve. The lunatic base is already primed for the killings of these people Trump has been radicalizing them to hate. He has a base of racists, religious nuts and conspiracy theorists with partisan drones icing the cake.

Trump is nearing dictatorship. He's flaunting laws and already has himself in a position where the words that come out of his mouth and the propaganda machine are what crafts the reality his supporters delusionally live in. They're ignoring what their eyes and ears can inform them of.

Going on the results of the election he won and his support base being static, there's a reasonable chance he loses the next election, having lost the support of independents after demonstrating what a nutcase he is. He could legitimately win of, but a fair chance he does lose and it's a close race. At that point is there any doubt his fanatics don't go along with his near certain to come lies about how the election was rigged and he's going to ignore the results? No matter how flimsy the conspiracy he trots out, they'll go with it, they won't even need to believe it. They'd rather he stay in place, no matter the means. At that point it is game over. What stands in his way when he crosses that line? Trump is the culmination of decades of propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies being pumped into fanatics who finally got the chance to elect one of their own.
Jan 25, 2011
And this is where the Trump supporters will say "He isn't the one who said it" and absolve him of any and all responsibility of any kind.


Feb 6, 2002
And this is where the Trump supporters will say "He isn't the one who said it" and absolve him of any and all responsibility of any kind.
However Trump did opine about shooting someone on 5th ave so he is clearly on board


Mar 1, 2000
Saw this yesterday and posted in the generic Trump 2019 thread.
These people... these deplorables... and trump himself are laughing at the suggestion of cold blooded murder.
The bottom just keeps getting lower and lower.
There is no defense of this event at all. Zero.
Jan 25, 2011
However Trump did opine about shooting someone on 5th ave so he is clearly on board
My point is that they will ignore the fact that he doesn't condemn it, he initiated it and he laughed about the idea. This is what makes people a target.


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Feb 21, 2002
It's never "just a joke". Every joke has a bit of truth in it. Trump is a master at using it to a) find his supporters and b) to continuously expand the boundaries of what is acceptable. He does it all the time, says something outlandish, if it's well received, then he knows who "his people" are and push them further and further, if there is push back, then he falls back to "I never actually suggested it", or "it's what many people saying", or "who knows".

It is frightening that we are seriously talking about Trump winning second term, that after two years 33% of this country would still vote for the guy and another 33% is too apathetic to give a shit. My SO wants to have children, and I'm seriously beginning to question if it's a good idea to raise children in this country.


Aug 21, 2003
He's already implied previously that he'd have the military shoot migrants were it allowed after painting them as bloodthirsty invading criminals who will burn your small god-fearing towns.

That he covets the powers of a real dictatorship and has the loyalist mob to back him isn't really news. The GOP has no problem abetting this as long as they reach their policy goals. Mass murder or a state sponsored genocide would be a small price to pay for lower taxes and more pollution in their book.


Aug 5, 2000
Why go for plausible deniability when being outright racist and devoid of ethics and morals works so well free from having to be held accountable for it?

It's the perfect setup for a guy like Trump. Just knowing that there are millions of folks who think Trump is just fine being that way should send a shiver down the spine of every American with a conscience. This tells us that in our nation we have the makings of a dictatorship in progress.

Hitler, Putin, Stalin, Un and every other dictator that ever lived got nothing on Trump where in the midst of a solid and well working democracy a guy like Trump can gather himself around him millions of citizens who think they need a despot of the likes of Trump to "Make America Great Again" for themselves.

Don't really know what these folks see in Trump that they need to believe a pathologically lying narcissistic adulterer that he is notoriously known for is the answer to all of their problems.

Well I guess somehow in their minds they were led to believe that Hillary Clinton is so much more worse than he is so there's that to consider.


Dec 11, 2000
Do we really need anymore evidence that trump is weak, feckless, idiot? The fact that so many of his supporters see him as a "strongman" speaks to the extreme level of inadequacy they experience.


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Feb 26, 2006
Hey...where y'all goin with them rifles?

Oh, we's jest goin go shoot some cans...Afri-cans, Mexi-cans, Porto-ree-cans....

Gotta love the redneck mindset...


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Feb 1, 2008
Donald gave another Q & A today and WTF.....
I simply CAN NOT believe this crazy person is actually leader of the most powerful nation on earth.
Donald rambles, repeated himself over and over and over. Jumping from one idiotic comment to another.
Then, Donald now claims that John Kerry is telling Iran to not talk with Donald Trump.
And so Donald wants John Kerry prosecuted for that.
Then some Iran spokes person comes on and reminds viewers it was Donald Trump that walked away from negations.
It was Donald Trump who stopped talking to them.

One must ask ones self, what kind of demons does this guy Donald Trump have running around in his head?
What the hell is going on with this nutcase?
Remember, this guy is the most powerful leader in the world. If this was a private residence with husband and wife, and the husband was a looney as Donald Trump, that wife would demand a divorce. She would dump the guy. She would take the kids and run away as fast as she could from this dangerous insane idiot.
Yet...... America puts up with this crap.
I don't get it.....
I absolutely do not get the people who support this insanity, the insanity of Donald Trump.
This lunacy must end for the sake of us all.
And those Trump supporters need an intervention, like asap, much the same as an alcoholic and drunkard need an intervention.
An intervention to address their addiction, and then once recovered to return back into society.
And F**King STOP THE DRINKING, i.e. that obsession with Donald Trump.
It's killing you! And you look like a fool.