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Trump - An American Dream


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Feb 1, 2008
Has anyone watched this four-part Netflix Documentary on Donald Trump from 2017? I had seen snippets since it came out in 2017 but had never watched all full four parts. If you don't understand Donald Trump then you need to watch it or re-watch it, and if you think that you do know Donald Trump then you need to watch this anyway.

Donald Trump has praised his father Fred Trump, but daddy Fred Trump was pretty much of a small time operator and Donald wanted to be a big time operator. While building the Trump Tower, Fred Trump had a lot of disagreements with son Donald. Fred Trump felt that son Donald should best stay away from the big time and stay away from big game Manhattan. I would assume that daddy Fred Trump preferred to keep it small and simple, small for Fred Trump that is, with avoiding the dirty politics of real estate. In the documentary, it was clear that Donald wanted only what Donald desired and not advice from daddy Fred Trump. Daddy Fred Trump was there on-site during the construction of Trump Tower and often got in the way by pushing his opinions to others, and Donald told those on construction to just ignore daddy Fred, adding that eventually daddy Fred would just go away. That was a bit telling of the relationship between father and son. Donald admired his father, but there was obvious a limit.

I always wondered why Trump liked the color of gold so much. I know that gold is a symbol of wealth and success, but everything within the Trump Tower is of gold or gold colored. Well, I don't think that was so much Donald, that was more from his first wife Ivana Trump. In the documentary, one Trump friend stated "if it didn't move, then Ivana would paint it gold." So, that explains all the gold nonsense. And would make sense that a young girl from Czechoslovakia would place such high importance on gold as the symbol of America wealth and of American success.

And speaking of first wife Ivana Trump, I like her much better than the current stick-up-her-ass Melania Trump. In comparison, Ivana Trump was a powerful woman, definitely her own women, who liked business and sharing control. Ivana Trump wanted to be part of her husbands business life and she was for the most part the equal to Donald Trump. They made a good couple and a better team, yet eventually a thinned skinned insecure Donald Trump feared even his wife Ivana as a threat and so it was inevitable that Mr Trump would dump Mrs Trump. As stated in the documentary by Donald, "I don't like sex with women that have given birth, including the birth of my own children." Donald Trump desired an open marriage, and that makes one wonder about current wife Melania? She gave birth to a Donald Trump child, so do they have sex? Not that anyone cares if they do or don't, but for her sake I'd hope they don't.
It is too bad that Donald did not remain married to Ivana. Ivana was much more animated, more interesting, and would have been more fun than Melania Trump. As a first lady, Ivana Trump would have been more interesting and more entertaining, and Ivana as first lady could have smoothed out the rough edges of hubby Donald Trump. Maybe....?

An interesting documentary, regardless. In the documentary, young Donald Trump comes off as more intelligent than current senior Donald Trump. The determination and success of young Donald Trump was a mix of magical illusionary and simple luck. I don't think Donald Trump was made for the presidency per se, but what he became and his TV celebrity was indeed made for the presidency especially in this new era of celebrity politics. You could say Donald's time had come, and that time was right. That is how Donald Trump became president. But, one thing is for sure, I have no idea why the evangelicals love and migrate to someone like Donald Trump as they do? It makes absolutely no sense. If Christians are Christians, Donald Trump should be someone that a god fearing Christian would never touch with a ten foot pole. Yet, evangelicals just love Donald. Go figure.... I guess biblical prophecy is really true in that during the end of times millions of Christians will be deceived by false prophets. That is the only explanation I can come up with for why evangelicals love and follow Donald Trump as they do. Spooky...... :oops:
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Jul 15, 2003
He's the real American dream.
All he ever did was figure out how to convince and manipulate other people to do things for him. People with brains, people with talent, people with skills, people who can actually generate value and solve problems. He reaps the benefits and lives like an Emperor.
That's it. That's his only skill. And it translates to politics REALLY fucking well. Politicians don't actually solve problems or make America better. They know how to finagle and bullshit and manipulate others into actually taking care of things. Now dont get me wrong, that's not necessarily a bad skill to have, but eventually we have real problems requiring real solutions and frankly a nation filled with bullshitters just isn't equipped to deal with that.
Which is why I sorta like Germany and Switzerland better than America. The citizens have gotten over their personal bullshit and have learned to how to make a government with some efficacy. We have not learned. And we won't because more and more of us cling to emotion and blind belief systems every year. That's why Donald is so popular. He's the personification of emotion and blind belief.


Dec 11, 2000
Trump is a narcissist, that’s it, that’s all you need to know to understand trump.

Now look up how narcissists act and how they manipulate people and you will understand trump, fully.
Yep. It's absurdly easy to understand him. He's like an open book. His entire universe is literally just him. Just use that as the lense for every decision he makes and it all makes sense.