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Tribes ascend using AMD gpu


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Feb 7, 2012
I am in love with this game but I have noticed a weird texture pop in effect while running it on my old 4870 and it still remains with my current 6870. The game runs perfectly smooth on the high setting with fraps reporting an average framerate of 80 to 90 (pretty sure its capped at 90). Anyway the textures will sometimes appear bland and then sort of morph into their correct sharpness, especially the leaves on trees and the weapon when switching from one to another. I also noticed some of this in borderlands which is another game that runs on the unreal engine. I believe nvidia handles this engine much better, and was considering selling the ati and getting a 560 or something. Anyone else notice this?


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Feb 12, 2010
Use Radeon Pro to set the Texture LOD to -3, you'll lose 10-14 frames, but all textures will be super sharp even at a distance. Though there will be a little bit of shimmer.

This is not an ATI, or Nvidia thing, it depends on what the driver is doing with the Texture LOD, if Nvidia sets it higher, then it would essentially be what you're reporting.


Sep 3, 2001
the game may appear to be capped at 90 because frame smoothing is essentially always on for net play even if you disable it (for instance, if join a training map such as target practice or free roam, your frame rate is completely uncapped). If you disable frame smoothing it caps to 90, if you enable frame smoothing you can set your own cap by editing your ini file.

pretty backwards but that's how it works. I had always been of the mindset to turn all the crap off such as vsync and frame smoothing and what not, preferring the game to render as fast as possible in order to get maximum performance, not really caring about screen tearing. For the longest time I thought I was getting a raw deal being limited to 90fps which was a bummer for my 120Hz monitor, then I realized I could enable frame smoothing and get a whole lot more performance and further take advantage of my 120Hz monitor.