Tri-Band Netgear R8000p optimization


Jan 16, 2001
I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a Netgear R8000p with one 2.4GHz radio and two 5GHz radios.

Right now I have each radio broadcasting on its own SSID as I prefer to join 5GHz if in range.

Can I set up the two 5GHz radios on the same SSID? Will that help overall performance? I really don't want to enable Smart Connect as I don't want my devices joining the 2.4GHz radio unless I specify it.

Also, are there any optimal settings for the router I ought to consider?

Dynamic QOS?
Advanced Wireless Seetings? (Fragmentation Legth, CTS/RTS Threshold, Preamble Mode)


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May 14, 2002
You can setup two 5Ghz radios on the same SSID. However it's best if the router itself has that function built in such as the Smart Connect you mentioned. It will not help performance with coverage or bandwidth. Best thing you can do to improve WiFi performance is to optimize placement of your router. Try to get it central to where you use your devices most. Easiest thing most people can do is to elevate it and treat it like a light that happens to go through walls. Next thing is to wire up as many devices as you can, especially streaming and gaming consoles. Wireless is like a walkie-talkie and each radio can talk to one device at a time. Streaming can be demanding on WiFi. Luckily you have 3 radios, so you can decide on how you want to divide it.

If you can control the QOS, then I would just prioritize downloads at the lowest. When you enter bandwidth do 90 or 95% of your maximum speed. Yes that will artificially cap your max speed, but your overall experience will be better when things get busy. If you really needed more bandwidth for downloads, then just get the next speed tier. As for advanced settings, I'd look for one that deals with Greenfield and enable it. That basically can remove ancient and very old proprietary non-standards so that your router can stick to the newer, cooler stuff. If you can only allow N and AC devices to connect. The only G devices left in the homes I deal with are wireless printers and PS3s.
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