Travel questions in Italy


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May 21, 2001
I am trying to find the best deals for travelling in Italy. Specifically, I want:
* Rome -> Pompei
* Pompei -> Positano
* Positano -> Capri (ferry) -> Positano
* Positano -> Florence
* Florence -> Rome

The transportation system, however is confusing. I've tried,, and From what I can see, it appears that they all recommend an Italian rail pass. But, that pass is expensive. And when I try to see the prices of the trips with a pass, the reservation fee is about the same price as if I just bought the ticket seperately. IE: the pass for a couple hundred dollars saves a few dollars here and there.

Is that correct? Or if I buy the normal tickets, do I have a hidden reservation fee that is tacked on later?

Is there any good place to see how to get to/from the smaller cities? For example, maps show rails from Naples to Sorrento (near Positano) with Pompei on the way. But I can't seem to see the prices/time schedule for anything to Sorrento. The websites give error messages about no train there. I believe this is a regional train to Sorrento, but I can't read that website. Do the regional trains even accept the Italian rail pass?

For the busses, I'm even more lost. Websites keep linking here to see the bus information. Yet that never loads. Is there any online bus information?

Anyone know Italian travel enough to help?



Jan 15, 2000
I don't think you'll have much luck finding online booking or schedules for buses, especially for smaller cities since they wouldn't be serviced by the large companies. Your best bet is just going to the bus station and buying your ticket the day of your travel, though that might be too last-minute for you.

Also, if you're not going there for a long time (like 1-2 weeks), you should consider getting a rental car. Depending on where you get it, it could save you money and its a great way to get around. You're not tied to any schedules, you can enjoy smaller/scenic roads, stop if you see something neat etc. With Dollar rent a car, it'll cost you 240 euros for 2 weeks if you get an economy.


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Oct 21, 2001
The Circumvesuviano (local train around Vesuvius) will help you out in that region. I think the only ferry to Capri runs from Sorrento. That's how I got to/from Capri.

One thing you have to assume in southern Italy, though, is that public transportation is pretty spotty. Trains won't necessarily arrive on time, things aren't well-documented, etc.