Transferring Data from HDDs

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    I'm sure this is easier than I am envisioning but those who are married know your life is in danger if you screw up the wife's computer :)
    My wife's computer is begining to die so I would like to transfer her My Documents Folder, her games (christ, there has to be >100 of them...) , favorites, etc and put them on my computers HDD. I have a 32gb thumb drive I can use to do this xfer. Any help is appreciated or point me in a general direction to find this info. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Wifes computer runs Win XP and mine runs Vista 64 bit home premium (upgrading to Win 7 64 bit home premium sometime next week.)
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    You can try Windows Easy Transfer from Microsoft which will do similar thing to what you are doing.
    Or -

    If you didn't change locations of any special folders (my documents, pictures, etc.) , you can copy whole user's folder in C: \Users\<wife's name> and then figure later what you need out of it.