Question TP Link AX6000 not reconnecting to internet after modem loses connection


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Feb 28, 2022
HI know, turn it off and on again... it works then but come on, its 2022 and this is a fairly expensive router.

Does this router, or any other router have the ability to refind the internet connection quickly?

Sometimes my cable modem loses signal for 10 seconds, or maybe a minute, the modem's wireless is back on but my router takes hours to see the connection is back, or I have to restart it.

I also use Tmobile 5G home internet, same issue with that modem.

Is this a problem for everyone? should the AX6000 be able to reconnect immediately after internet being restored? or is there a better router out there?

I contacted TP link Customer service, I believe I got an unintelligent AI responding... just asking me the same questions I answered in my last response... while not answer the question of whether the TP link should be capable of reconnecting without a restart or not.

Hoping to find help here.


Tech Junky

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Jan 27, 2022
Sounds like you got a dud. It should reconnect and get an ip automatically. Try a factory reset and reconfigure it. Test again mas if it fails still then replace it.