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Toyota Corolla

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Oct 11, 1999
Originally posted by: Kelvrick
Originally posted by: OS
Originally posted by: Lithium381
why is the civic superior?

pepsi shut up wtf is not yay or nay?

better gas mileage, better automatic tranny, more power, plus 2003+ the corolla got crappy dead beam nonindependent rear suspension.
Doesn't EPA rate the corolla at 32/41 with the manual and 30/38 with an automatic? The civic sedan is 30/38 with the manual and 30/40 with the auto. Kind of a crapshoot with the MPG. Corolla still wins with the manual with the civic having a better 5 over the corolla 4.

The GF has a 2006 corolla and its a very nice car. Yea, the new civic is a lot better but then it'll probably cost you more too as dealers are less likely to haggle. If you can wait, maybe see what Toyota brings next year and you might like that even more. That, or get an awesome deal on an 06 corolla.

Aside from that, go drive the cars yourself and see what you like. Take a look at the Matrix too for functionality. Then you have the Fit, Versa, and the Yaris.

yeah mpg benefit is only automatic, which is more popular anyways.

Sticker for sticker or invoice for invoice, the civic probably does not cost significantly more when you consider the total package including options/features. If you start adding in ABS and side airbags, the price difference will shrink.

And keep in mind there are features you can't get on the corolla regardless of trim, such as the 5 speed auto tranny and much better suspension technology.

but yes the market price for corolla will be lower than civic. I am not in market for either car so it's up the buyer to determine what the actual market price difference is, and if the civic's better features and technology is worth it.


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Sep 13, 2001
funny thread ...

my gf is actually looking at a 2007 Civic, 2 door, the one right below the one with sunroof and alloy wheels. we got the guy down to 17K (which would be about $300/mo for 72mo) and she might do it, although she is stilll looking around.

i rode in the car while she drove it. it is very nice on the inside. she had a 2001 before it was totalled when some jackass ran a red light and hit her, and it was a very reliable car.


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Feb 24, 2005
it's a fine car. but it isn't exceptional and won't make anyone say: "Wow." but it'll get the job done well with good gas mileage and such. just not anything amazing about it.