Tow Truck employees arrested in retaliation for towing unmarked cars (lawsuit filed)

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Jan 15, 2013
yeah but the mayors and shit WILL have to deal with it. They cant afford to have a police force full assholes getting the city sued for millions of dollars. Either the mayor will deal with it, or find himself replaced quickly.

People will tolerate a lot of bullshit but not their taxes being raised or services being slashed.

There were two news articles that I read where many cities and counties are pulling money out of fire fighters pension funds and also teachers funds to pay for multitudes of law suits like the on in this OP. So what the bureaucratic asshats are doing is just milking and draining the funds from other areas that they shouldn't be touching, to avoid using their direct funds. This way they avoid it looking like it is having any impact on taxpayers...and the city.