Tons of different computers constantly trying to connect to my port 1214


Apr 13, 2000
Thank goodness for ZoneAlarm!

I don't know for how long this has been going on (not more than a few days), but I just noticed that tons of different computers on the internet have been constantly trying to connect to my port 1214 (which is the port Morpheus uses). ZoneAlarm is blocking all the requests but its getting annoying. We're talking about 2-3 requests per second here!

I've used Morpheus in the past, but never too heavily. I haven't even shared any files on Morpheus within the past two weeks or so (I've had it set to no file uploads).

Does anybody have a clue how I can stop this? Should I just hope it goes away? Should I stop using Morpheus until this stops? (BTW - When Morpheus is on, ZoneAlarm doesn't show any ignored requests, as Morpheus takes all the requests.)

Any advice or help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.