Tom Daschle is Disappointed! HAHA

Barnaby W. Füi

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Aug 14, 2001
i am not a democrat nor republican, and republicans can be pretty damn retarded alot of the time, but wtf is up with democrats?? they are all IDIOTS!!!

what i mean is democrat politicians, not all you regular people who are democrats, no hard feelings eh;)

all politicians tend to piss me off. they just spend all their time trying to make each other look bad, plotting and twisting the truth to take advantage of the ignorant public. great, i thought they were on OUR side.



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Feb 27, 2000
you are far too cynical. Politicians have their beliefs that their constituents voted them into office for, and they fight for them. There are some bad politicians I'm sure (a ton at the state and local level) but once you get to the national level, I think most politicians aren't nearly as bad as the wrap they get from the Joe Sixpack public.

Kinda like Lawyers, you can't stand em till you need one.


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Nov 30, 1999
I disagree concerning how politicians vote, to support the people that voted them into office. Most politicians vote what will make them look good/the other person bad, and keep the big donors happy. The politicians that vote for the right reason don't last long. Once in office they forget about the people who put them there until election time rolls around and then it's time to do the "song and dance".

Sorry, it's extreme, but it's nearly to the point of lining them all up

Like the old saying: No matter how paranoid you are, you are not paranoid enough.


Oct 10, 1999

<< you are far too cynical. >>

Perhaps, but you're far too naive. You don't get to the top at the national level without the backing of many people, who don't always have the cleanest agendas. Politicians don't always have the needs of their constituents in mind. Sometimes they have their own needs in mind--getting elected at a higher level, or re-elected. So a powerful lobby group like AARP says to a candidate--"Agree to force through xxx legislation and we'll endorse you." Maybe the candidate doesn't like or agree with it. Maybe his constituents don't agree with it, but bedding down with the old-people lobby can score big...

In other words, sometimes voters pick politicians, and sometimes politicians try to pick voters.
Like Arthur C Clarke once pointed out--anyone who wants to take on a big role in government can't possibly want to do it for the right reasons. The president and congress, etc, should be in it for the good of the country, not for their own personal benefit. This just isn't always the case.

Edit: Spelling error and....Did you ever see Mr. Smith Goes To Washington? Exactly :)


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May 1, 2001

<< Politicians don't always have the needs of their constituents in mind. Sometimes they have their own needs in mind--getting elected at a higher level, or re-elected. >>

Sometimes I believe the only thing politicians do is work to get re-elected. Constituents? They're important only every 6 years. Not a single action is committed by a politician without considering how it affects re-election. Clinton was the grandmaster, always trying to present the most pleasing face to the voting population, everything else be damned.

Term limits would do wonders methinks. Two terms max.