to clear up some things...


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Sep 10, 2000
listen bfgpuss ass, you think you know all the s*#t eh, sorry u don't know s*#t all, i may not know much either but i probably know a hell of a lot more then you, since i've been researching which is the better video card now for months, i have a radeon, and used a gts 2, radeon doesn't KILL it i admit, but its features and almost equivalent speed is more useful, the gts 2 image quality made me hurl after i saw what the radeon looks like compared to it.

I meant to say before that the radeon is the far better choice for your money, fast enough, superior image quality, and ever message board i've seen, has been constant problems with the matured geforce 2 gts, compared to the 2 month old radeon, which has half the problems...just admit it, radeon owns right now, unil nv20 comes out, its the leader. WOW, the gts 2 beats it in most tests, yet the image is sad, and the speed isnt even that noticeable from experience and reading about it, so bfg shut the f up since you dont know s*#t about s*#t..ya i know that was pathetic.


Aug 14, 2000
Oh you were talking to me? I just happened to glance at this thread accidently. This post is quite strange because:

(1) You haven't responded in the original thread I responded to.
(2) Even with the branching off, the title of this thread has nothing to do with the original thread.

With these two points, just how is it you expected me to get here to read your personal attack? I assume you wanted me to read it since you directly addressed it to me.

Why couldn't you respond in the original thread like any other normal person would?

Is that PyKoTic or PSyKoTic?


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Jul 6, 2000
PyKoTic - you're an idiot. forums are for actual DISCUSSION, not for trash talking or attacking people. apparently, you know more than anybody out there. you might want to drop a line to tom's hardware, anandtech, arstechnica, and every single other tech page out there. next time get your facts straight before you start flaming people. and if i remember your original post you claim that your P3 350 is getting 45-50 fps while Anandtech's P3 550, which is 200 Mhz higher, can't even get above 40 fps. (thanks bfg10k) you are truly an idiot. stop comparing apples to oranges. (2d to 3d) and IF you are discussing 2d image quality the Matrox G400 Max is THE BEST. if you are discussing 3d ability, the gf2 ultra rocks. the one thing the radeon has going for it is features. reminds me of a hyundai commercial. more features than anything out there, but still cannot perform.

next time have the balls to respond in the same thread instead of starting a new one.
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