Ti4200 on a 933mhz?


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Apr 1, 2001
I currently have a P3 933 with 512mb of ram and a GF2 GTS 32mb. I'm thinking of buying a 4200 for now to play the big games of the summer (mainly UT2k3), and then upgrading my whole comp in the winter, with possibly buying a GF5 or other next gen vid card with it.

My question is do you think the 4200 will give me any performance boost overy my GF2 or is my comp basically CPU limited at this point?

I wish someone would benchmark the lasted vid cards on a more practical system instead of always a top of the line CPU.



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May 5, 2002
On my AMD 1.3GHz, I went from a GTS 32 (roughly 30 fps under load) to a 4200 (roughly 60 fps under load), I seem to be still CPU limited. It doubled my FPS on MOHAA, JKII, Dungeon Seige with keeping all the settings the same. Of course I want eye candy and turned all options to max, and my FPS have gone down to the 27 fps under heavy action, but hey I'm used to that fps and can always turn something down if I need to increase fps.

A friend of mine running a PIII-500 got a Ti-500 a month ago (from a g400) and his fps also basically doubled. He's severely CPU limited (when u start with roughly 10 fps and get 20 fps it still hurts but it looks really pretty now and is more playable).

My form of benchmarking is to take note of the lowest fps I ever see as thats when you need FPS the most and thats whats going to make the game unplayable. I really wish reviews and articles would list the lowest fps each card hits.

Taking an average in my opinion is not 'real world', real world is when you run out of gas, not what your mile per gallon says you should be getting.

I would guess that yes you are and will be CPU limited, but you could crank on all the eye candy and should see an increase in fps.