Thumbnail cache bug in Win 8

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by tweakboy, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I put it on show all files and go to users my name app data and roaming local whatever, and it has iconcach.db and its like 43k or maybe 300k WIndows 7 wasnt goo with that but

    max cache icons worked,,,,,, and that db file would get larger like 12MB . and I wanna open a folder and all thumbnails don't load everytime,,,, on a freakin SSD come on,,,,,,,,,, I love Windows 8, I could care less about metro cuz it doesn't let me install new metro apps in the store,, says cant install or update, error....


    How we fix this thumnailcach.db so it populates, and saves so evertime I open a folder the thumbnail doesnt load,,,,, even on ssd gotta wait long time for icons to come,,,,, sux,, XP was good with this... the reg key doesnt do the job either,
    many bugs but a good OS
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    Sounds like you are having many problems. Maybe you should start over and reload all from scratch.