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Jun 5, 2018



PC/A is my main desktop that I use, and PC/B is a laptop.

Where I live I do have access to DSL, which is $70/mo for 10D/0.56U Mb/s, but that's about it.
I would really appreciate any suggestions on Speedify or maybe an alternative route. Is Speedify even worth it? I have done some testing, but with the 1GB of bandwidth I came out inconclusive. I'm still new to load balancing / Channel bonding however, and with further research I believe it was due to user error. Currently I have a connection of 8~Mb/s on one phone and 3Mb/s on

I'd also like to port forward with the router, but not too sure if it will work.
Had a minor argument with a friend of mine that swore up and down I could port forward through the router, though it is connected to the internet, it's not directly associated to my/a public address. I figure if anything it'd have to be done at the distribution level, but I honestly am not sure. Is there anyway at all to open up one of my devices publicly, aside from a VPN?

My thought process...

Source -> Network Distribution -> Phone via 4g -> Cable Tethered Laptop/PC through PDAnet-ICS enabled -> Router-WAN -> Devices in home - WiFi/Ethernet

Analogy? \/

ISP -> Big fancy router -> Devices connected to it we call phones, Internet connection shared aka Tethered -> Computer connected via tethered USB or hotspot ->etc etc.

On the other hand I have also heard some refer to the phone as basically the modem, but in either case, it's still detached from everything in the ICS'ed network.

If I were to have an open internet connection, modem and a router, this same setup could be achieved simply by sending an ICS connection to a second router from a computer.
In either scenario, it'd seem to be the same fundamentally

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated, thank you!


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Oct 25, 1999
What exactly are you trying to achieve?
I think Internet Bonding between slow DSL and Wireless Phone using a service called Speedify.

Hard to give an answer because Speedify info is murky and appears to provide today Verbiage marketing mixed with the New Almighty "VPN".


Review here - https://www.vpnmentor.com/reviews/speedify/

In the last decade most of to not deal with Bonding because DSL is not anymore available in many places any more.

Pure Bonding to increase Internet DSL Bandwitdh/Speed working if the service is provided by DSL providers that Support Bonding. Just Choosing two independent providers and try to combine the bandwidth does Not work.