Thoughts on AMD adrenaline and new card.


Jan 12, 2005
I just switched out my 1080GTX (I know I don't upgrade often) to an AMD RX6950XT and the AMD software is absolutely fantastic after coming from the NVIDIA control panel! The NV one looks like something from WinXP in comparison! Ctrl/shift O is just the best!

The 6950XT is pretty solid. It's big but not massive. I had an after market cooler on the 1080 and that was about the same size.
The cooler seems to be really efficient in that it expelles a lot of heat as soon as the GPU starts working, it doesn't seem to rely on the thermal mass of the cooler too much. It's taking a bit of getting used to the fact that the fans shut down when it's not working! But it idles in the mid 40s so I guess that AMD knows what they are doing there.
I'm not really able to make it work too hard yet as I'm waiting for a new monitor and CPU to arrive so at the moment it's driving a 24inch dell and being fed by a 2700x. That said if I turn the psycho settings on in cyberpunk it slows down.
Turned out that my old monitor doesn't have display port or HDMI! I was running it with a DP to DVI lead which doesn't work with the 6950. Luckily I have a HDMI to DVI which does work with it.

Right I'm off to buy all the graphically intensive games I can find in the Steam sale!

Nov 26, 2005
The more important temp is the Junction Temp from what I gather. Correct me if I am wrong.

Yes it's much better than Nvidias


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Feb 8, 2002
Enjoy the adrenalin software is a nice change from Nvidia Windows XP era control panel not sure why they haven't updated it yet.