Thought concerning vdroop and turbo multipliers

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    I had a forum member ask a question in a PM regarding turbo multipliers, and something occurred to me that should have been obvious: if you leave LLC off, you can probably get away with having a higher multiplier with just 1 or 2 active cores because vdroop will be less with fewer cores active.

    For instance, with LLC on high, you might run:
    1 Active Core : 44x
    2 Active Cores: 44x
    3 Active Cores: 44x
    4 Active Cores: 44x

    ^ Because voltage would be approximately the same regardless of load level.

    And with LLC off, because voltage is higher at partial loads, you could run:
    1 Active Core: 45x
    2 Active Cores: 45x
    3 Active Cores: 44x
    4 Active Cores: 44x

    Interestingly, with LLC disabled on my board, partial load vcore is almost exactly the amount higher than full load voltage needed to run 100mhz faster.

    I'm considering playing around with having staggered turbo multipliers now.
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