Those 3-pin fan they have a name?


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Apr 10, 2001
Hi all. Received a box of various fans from an electronics surplus shop ( BTW, the vast majority of their fans are $4 each. Quite a large selection of fans up to 92mm to choose from. Their selection of 118/120mm fans is a little skimpy, though.

Anyway, most of these fans have proprietary power connectors so I need to roll my own connector. One of these fans will be my new heatsink fan so I need to find a 3-pin power connector like you find on CPU fans. Anybody know if these connectors have a name or better yet, anybody know of a shop that sells them cheaply? A quick glance through my DigiKey catalog turned up a number of possible candidates with differing pin spacings...I'd rather not order one of each in hopes that one of them is the "right" one.

Any suggestions?



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Oct 22, 1999
It seems that digikey does not use the 'official title' for these type connectors. I also make purchases of components from Mouser, and they call this type of connector the "Molex K. K. Series". The KK series header uses .025" square pins, spaced at .100"; they usually incorporate a locking tab and polarization tabs [to retain the plug unto the header and to only allow it to plugged in correctly].

Sample part numbers for Mouser are: #538-22-01-3037 for the 3-pin housing and #538-08-56-0110 for the crimp terminals.

Sample part numbers for digikey are; WM2001-ND for the 3 pin housing and WM2312-ND for the crimp terminals.