Thoroughbred 1.6Vcore and A7V333, MSI KT3 Ultra ??? - KT333's


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Jul 23, 2000
I was just reading the MSI KT3 Ultra at T-Break and noticed that they say that "the VCore can be adjusted between 1.725v and 1.850v in 0.025v increments." they say the same thing about the A7V333 "Using the onboard jumpers you can adjust the VCore between 1.750 and 1.850"

and since the Thoroughbred (Q2/02) can run at 1.6v why are they making mobo's starting at 1.75v ? will these mobo's run at 1.6v ?



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Aug 17, 2001
The voltage options that the BIOS makes available to you are relative to the default voltage of the particular CPU you're using. That test was carried out with an XP/1600+ chip. Hence the voltages available are offsets from the 1.75v the XP uses. That board, (and hopefully our current KT-266A boards) may well still be able to run Thoroughbred chips if the voltage regulators on the boards allow for it. We'll see...