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Discussion This song probably is the best way to describe how Trump feels and what he did to America.

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
Just think about it, wont Trump be feeling the same things the lyrics in the song in the music video of the song (bellow lyrics) say:
"I made a choice that I regret, <----His choice of inciting a riot = no support
now what I see is what I get. <--- No choice after certification of votes, now Biden is president
It's too late to look back. <--- He can't fix the mistakes he made anymore.
I've got no way to switchback. <---Options to stay president ran out
it's too late to look back.
Ain't OK, I've got no way to switchback."
"Wait, how can it be too late? <---Biden is president now
'Cause I don't want to play
with such a price to pay. <----More riots = More GOP will want to impeach him and no 2024
It's too late to look back.
(Too late to)
Ain't ok, I've got no way to switchback."
"Everybody foolin' with their rick rack, and <--The Maga riots and insurgences.
It's about time we put them on their back <---rioters came in with weapons on their backs
Meaner and leaner, we take up the slack
Klayton and Celldweller with no way to switch back <---Trump has no way to continue presidency
Cuttin' you up with razor blade <---Covid deaths
Chokin' you on them words you say <---Trump keeps interrupting Biden in middle of debate.
Hittin' you rip-rap on you made <--- Using what we say manipulating them into false stuff to support his claims.
And the Celldweller is unafraid " <--- Trump never gives up.

ALSO, think of the Women in the video as the United States. It's probably best describes what Trump was doing to the United States.
side note... the guys in the video spin more than a spinner would.
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Jul 11, 2001
Trump is not that sophisticated. He doesn't regret anything. It's not his mindset. His mindset is "I'm great, I make the best decisions, I will never admit making a mistake, how could I make a mistake, after all I am so great..., I will never concede weakness or lack of prowess, I will demand loyalty, anyone who does not accord me loyalty is my enemy and I will cast aspirsions on them and make them regret not being loyal to me..., I will continue these things, thus I will prevail in greatness, look at me, I'm beautiful, you have chosen such a wonderful person to admire, and goddamn all those people who fail to admire me and accord me the loyalty I deserve...."