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This is a letter to the editor for this mornings paper....


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Jan 11, 2000
I thought it was an interesting read, hope you do to.

in response to Florence Converse's May 7 letter:
As a high school student in Corvallis, I have an excellent perspective on what happens in schools, Although I am not Christian, I am a well-educated, moral person. In spite of being a heathen, I get good grades, have a healthy social life and participate in numerous extra-curricular and volunteer activities. And, amazingly enough, I am not atypical. My peers are just like me. Christian or non-Christian, we manage to be normal, healthy people with bright futures. It is arrogant to claim that the Constitution was based upon Christianity. It was based upon the principle that citizens would have the freedom to practice any religion, or none whatsoever if that was their preference, without interference from the State. Over the years this intention has been ignored by people who prefer to use only those facts that are convenient to them. In addition, it is inaccurate to say that people are in prison because they are not Christian. In fact, I have never met a Christian who had a moral advantage resulting from his or her religion. A moral person is a moral person, regardless of his or her religion. From my experience what students need is not Christianity, but enlightened and unfettered thought resulting in more open, malleable, and widely acceptable spirituality. Although the Bible contains good ideas, they are distorted by misguided, dogmatic presentation. Perhaps instead of deciding arbitrarily, adults should ask us what we need to feel safe in school and life. After all, who knows how I feel better than I do?

Evan Mix

Corvallis Gazette Times May 18 2001