This Guy is a FREAK...


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Oct 21, 1999
This guy needs some serious help. He's out of control.

Killer of Leo the dog convicted of another crime
July 24, 2001 Posted: 11:29 AM EDT (1529 GMT)

SAN JOSE, California (Reuters) -- A California man convicted of killing a lap dog in a notorious case of road rage was found guilty of three additional felonies Monday in connection with the theft and destruction of a van owned by his former employer.

Andrew Burnett, who was given a three-year maximum sentence this month for tossing a white bichon frise named Leo beneath the wheels of speeding traffic, now faces as much as 16 additional months in jail, according to lawyers.

Burnett, 28, was convicted of theft, vandalism and lying to police for stealing tools from a van owned by Pacific Bell and then pushing the vehicle over a 250-ft cliff into the Pacific Ocean to cover up the crime.

He then disappeared for eight days before resurfacing and claiming he had been in an accident.

Jurors outside the Santa Clara County courtroom told reporters that Burnett's version of the events leading to the van's destruction was hard to believe.

"He came out unscathed as far as injuries were concerned. That was totally unbelievable," juror Phil Rosa told the Bay City News service.

Burnett was found guilty last month of killing Leo in an explosion of road rage after a minor fender bender outside San Jose International Airport in February 2000.

On July 13, overruling the recommendation of the county's own probation department, the judge in the case sentenced Burnett to the maximum of three years in prison, calling the dog's killing an instance of "rage-induced violence."

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Feb 17, 2000
No, this isn't a repost, it's an update.

That guy is a slimeball. Hopefully he won't get parolled before his 4 1/3 yrs are up. :|


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Jun 26, 2001
He killed a dog! I mean three years! A person convicted of Murder 2 which is manslaughter can be sentenced for 3-6 years! What are we saying by this trial. A person is the same as a dog! He shouldn't have got that sentence since he is going to win on appeal and then sue the state.


Mar 1, 2001

<< He shouldn't have got that sentence since he is going to win on appeal and then sue the state >>

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA----that's funny. As for the 3 years, that was to make an example of this moron. He won't serve 3 years, even with the additional time for the other crimes.