They don't raise 'em right in Georgia either


Jan 14, 2013
As seen in the video, racist POS Trumpie spawn flying Confederate flags and spewing racist garbage. Students planning to protest that get suspended, and the kicker is, only the black ones got suspended.

This is the country Trumpers want so badly. Be racist, get the black kids punished.

"A handful of Black Georgia high school students were suspended from school on Friday after trying to plan a protest against racism.

The protest plans began after a group of students flew a Confederate flag and spewed racial slurs last week at Coosa High School.

Black, white and Latino students spoke out against the racist actions of their fellow classmates. Student organizers say they were suspended for making protest plans.

"I felt really disrespected, how the school didn't do anything about it," said Deziya Fain, one of the students who organized the protest.

She also said the school does not allow them to wear Black Lives Matter apparel on campus, which she said was a double standard.

A school announcement threatened disciplinary action to those who even handed out fliers for the protest.

Only Black students were suspended for protesting, the student organizers said. All white students involved in the protest were not punished.

"They didn't suspend her; they didn't suspend me," said one white student, Lilyan Huckaby. "We both disrupted all the eighth-grade classes."

The majority of students suspended for any reason in Floyd County School District last year were Black student, data shows."


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Jul 15, 2003
We need more civil rights marches. But the way things are going, Americas wannabe nazis would probably just sneak in and cause riots and looting.
We do NOT need that. So honestly, I'm not seeing an easy solution to Americas civil rights issues in the 21st century. We cant silent hate speech cuz its protected by the first amendment. Unless we can prove beyond reasonable doubt it was not malicious and designed to cause great bodily harm.